Meet Teki, The Spaz.

Something has to be said for people with no grip.

Yesterday, on two occasions, i couldn’t open a water bottle and a 1.5 litre Coke Zero.  On both times, i was so thirsty.  With the water bottle i struggled and was about to get pissed at makers of cap threads that i took the knife and tried my best.  I was nearly breaking to a sweat in the kitchen with it, and voila!  it opened.

Coca-Cola 2L Contour Bottle

The second time was when i went to the Mini-Stop store in our village to buy a 1.5L Coke Zero PET bottle.  I had cooked lunch and found out that i didn’t have any more Cokes in the fridge.  And so i happily went to the store to buy this one item.  I was so craving for Coke on ice.  The tricycle driver was kind enough to wait for me.  And i bought the Coke, slid into the tricycle and went home.

And so i prepared the ice.  Filled my limited edition McDonald’s Coke glass with ice galore.  And i stared at the Coke bottle.  It totally escaped me that i had no grip.  And so i tried.  It didn’t even budge.  I went to get a towel to add friction as i riveted the cap with my left hand.  Still won’t budge.  I used my shirt.  It wasn’t cooperating.  And i was panicking a bit because the ice was already melting.  And so i tried again with my bare hands.  The skin between my thumb and my index finger was red pink after several tries.  And so in frustration i took the knife and tried to cut through the threading.  And while i was sawing through the cap with my right hand (my left hand being sore), the bottle toppled over and i accidentally cut my left hand.

You can just imagine how pathetic that scene was.  Inside my head i was saying – damn, damn, spaz!  But all i could do was stare at my bleeding hand, the knife and the Coke bottle on the kitchen floor.  It was unopened still.

And so i took the Coke bottle and placed it inside the fridge.  And i said:  “Because you are being difficult today, stay there.  I don’t want to talk to you anymore!”

When dinner came, i was wanting to call Pizza Hut only to find that my wallet was not anywhere in the house.  Well,  it was a good thing Oliver texted me to say that i left my wallet in the van from last night.  The money i had in the kitchen jar was only 200 pesos.  Not enough to cover for pizza and delivery charges.  I ate a green apple instead and went to sleep for a bit.  Only to wake up from a really bad dream.

I cried partly out of fright because i noticed that everything was pitch black and it was almost 8 in the evening.  The day was freaky.

Then again i was also glad knowing that bad dreams tend not to last.  And that for all of the freaky things that Life may throw at me, i was still there. Alive.  With an unopened Coke bottle in the fridge.   Some people have way way less but are happy.

I am grateful.  So the day wasn’t bad after all.

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