Reminders and Ice History

Sometimes i need to be reminded to get out of the house. I am beginning to be a hikikomori. Ahmie is worried i do not get out more. She once reminded me that i need to socialize. But i’ve always really been a home buddy. I’d really rather do stuff in my own quiet pace... Continue Reading →

Me and Chinese Movies

One still has to get utterly bored to get out of the house.  I would rather stay in, read a book or watch Blu-Ray movies.  There is a kind of simple joy in being home alone without the hassle of  being out in this humid weather. As i finish through transitions and small things like... Continue Reading →

And Life Is

I never fully learned how to bike.  Probably because i have never owned one.  Although i did bike when i was a kid,  i was such a sorry kid that i kept falling off.  I couldn't keep my hands still on the handle bars.  Plus i was and still am one short kid. Life is... Continue Reading →

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