Nothing Else Matters Much Except the Important Things

Today marks an end to another chapter in my life.  And i feel so free.  Something else begins…

Ever since the announcement of the merger, i knew that today would come.  I was actually anticipating it to be earlier but despite the delays, it has come at last.  Some people would probably feel sad.  But me, i can only smile and run and jump and say that as another door closes, another one begins.

When you value love, family, happy clean living, you get to realize that nothing else matters.  And that the things that you thought were important, weren’t all that important at the end of the day.  Life, despite its noise, teaches us to relish the simple.  And that despite everything else that people can afford to still laugh at just about anything and especially at themselves.  People go through life as if stress is an objective sometimes.  You go through life and take it for what it is and for what it is not.  And you make the best out of it.  Some people would think it childish and immature.  One measure of True Freedom is when we can walk away from things without the guilt.  And you go through the day doing what you like best.  Family is important.  Friendships are important.  Love is.  And music.  And laughter.  Yes, it is the simple things sometimes.

The world will turn and time will go on.  No matter what our futures bring.  This moment, all our moments, the small things i will always cherish.


There is a certain kind of music that always makes me calm and peaceful.  I discovered Andre Gagnon through Watanabe Toshiyuki.  The soundtrack of Yasashii Jikan (The Tender Time) where they both collaborated on the music garnered the TV-movie series an award for best musical arrangement.

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