And Life Is

I never fully learned how to bike.  Probably because i have never owned one.  Although i did bike when i was a kid,  i was such a sorry kid that i kept falling off.  I couldn’t keep my hands still on the handle bars.  Plus i was and still am one short kid.

Life is pretty much like attempting to get a handle on bikes, i guess.  Perhaps it’s because it allows you to conquer fears.  Once you’ve done it often enough, or one falls often enough, either you conquer that fear and hop on the bike to enjoy the moment.

These past few years, someone else always drives for me.  It gets me out of the hustle and bustle of having to endure public transport.  But there is something so alluring about a simple bicycle ride with the wind on your face and the sun partially hidden behind the leaves of trees and partly cloudy skies.  It feels free.  It feels that you are made to feel one with everything around you.  And made to feel that you are just but one small life in a grand cosmic rotation of the universe.

There is a certain kind of hubris sometimes when we think that we are conquerors of this world only because we are on top of the food chain.  But life is not about simply moving faster and stronger and busier.  I think Life is meant to be lived in cosmic synchronicity with all other living beings in the universe.  However being attune to all others require great patience and listening.  Sometimes a bike ride offers just that.

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