The Case of the World Bank Loan and Corona

There are many nuances in celebrating the "more fun in the Philippines" meme.  There is the obvious tourism-friendly advertising and there's the comedic but darker side to the reality of the Philippines, most especially in its societal and political landscape. Sometimes  i am saddened, if not at times disappointed, at the lack of initiative Filipinos... Continue Reading →

New Year, Same Old Hunger

Can you imagine that? It's 2012.  Two weeks and a day into this new year. Back when i was kid, the mere thought of the year 2000 was mysterious to me. Like it was hard to imagine reaching it. I couldn't even begin to imagine how the new millennium would be like. Well, scratch that... Continue Reading →

Why I Am Starting To Blog Again

Truth be told, i am a lazy blogger.  For the past years, there are so many distractions for me that my writing usually consists of personal emails to friends in other countries or a special blog entry in Shoe, where i blog more frequently for a niche group of friends.  Nevertheless, i am a lazy... Continue Reading →

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