Why I Am Starting To Blog Again

Truth be told, i am a lazy blogger.  For the past years, there are so many distractions for me that my writing usually consists of personal emails to friends in other countries or a special blog entry in Shoe, where i blog more frequently for a niche group of friends.  Nevertheless, i am a lazy blogger.

It’s not that i don’t have anything to say.  Actually i have a lot of things to say.  But between reading and writing, i tend to read more than write.  My imagination gets captured by someone else’s written words and it gets me glued.  Plus, i find it harder to write — the increasingly frequent bouts of migraine zap out whatever writing urges i may have.  

It might be funny to note that while i am writing this an ice pack is over my head.  It’s true.  There’s this localized headache that’s been bothering me for a few hours.  It won’t even let me sleep.  I googled and some people say that an ice pack helps numb the nerve endings of the soft spot in one’s head when you’re having a migraine.  It’s relieving me a bit, but not a whole lot.  The last time i had a tender spot on my head, it was followed by a huge headache, followed by fever for a week.  Let’s hope that no fever descends upon me this week.  Because it is also a big week for me, considering the job interviews i am having, the preparations for an upcoming Six Sigma class and my general happiness meter.

So why am i starting to blog again?  No special reason really.  I’ve been thinking about it since the New Year started and thought to myself that i should resume writing.  Furthermore, some people tell me that it’s good therapy for lazy days when i am not really doing anything except read, cook, eat, sleep, listen to my music collection, edit pictures…  There are days when i do not even hear the sound of my own voice.  So maybe the written word is my voice too.

Maybe i should join those Post-A-Week challenges here on WP.  Nah.  Thing is i have no trouble about generating writing ideas.  What i have trouble is beginning to write them.  I get distracted a lot.  So yes, i need the focus some disciplined regular blog writers seem to have a lot of.  But i also want writing to be spontaneous, not scheduled.  Plus despite some people saying that blogging is really performance writing, well, some times it is possible to write for oneself.  Also, my handwriting is beginning to look like i never went to high school.  My penmanship resembles an old Benguiat Frisky font  on hallucinogens.   Maybe it’s because holding a pen and using it for writing for long hours is becoming more and more obsolete for laptop-driven people like me?  Or maybe it’s just my sense of grip?  I’d rather the latter because pen utility is, i can imagine, a sad state of affairs.  Something that my English composition teacher back in high school will severely frown upon.

And so yes, i will blog again.  Perhaps not as often as other people blog.  And perhaps this is something that will be temporary given how my life is.  But it’s 2012.  And for the doomsday cult fanatics, i am doing you a favor by writing what may be  a great year in the life of humankind.

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