New Year, Same Old Hunger

Can you imagine that? It's 2012.  Two weeks and a day into this new year. Back when i was kid, the mere thought of the year 2000 was mysterious to me. Like it was hard to imagine reaching it. I couldn't even begin to imagine how the new millennium would be like. Well, scratch that... Continue Reading →

And Here’s A Cookie and a Critique

There is something really simple about cookies.  I don't know what it is - but i have always associated cookies with a wholesome homey feeling.  Sometimes when you're going through what initially seems to be a rough patch in the day, one trick is to heat some pieces of Nantucket Crispy Cookies.  It always calms... Continue Reading →

Cheese Cakes and Ingrid Michaelson

There is something magical about Lemon Square Cheese Cakes. They are soft and simple and tasty and filling.  They do not stress me out. I like them and they like that i buy them by packs. I think they would go well with plain vanilla ice cream.  I think they would go well with just... Continue Reading →

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