And Life Is

I never fully learned how to bike.  Probably because i have never owned one.  Although i did bike when i was a kid,  i was such a sorry kid that i kept falling off.  I couldn't keep my hands still on the handle bars.  Plus i was and still am one short kid. Life is... Continue Reading →

Begin Again on a Happy Note

Today is the first day of the future. Life is strange. And love is stranger. And in the passing hours, one still gets surprised. When i threw the keys away, you found them. You opened the door again. And you took my hand and we ran and ran. And we talked about everything that we... Continue Reading →

Short-Lived Loves and Reset Buttons

A few weeks ago, i ventured out my door. And there you were. And you smiled.  And despite my own nervousness, i managed, despite myself, to smile too.  Farther and farther out the door from where i came.  You were there, holding out your hand.  And i didn't know you.  You didn't know me.  But... Continue Reading →

Cheese Cakes and Ingrid Michaelson

There is something magical about Lemon Square Cheese Cakes. They are soft and simple and tasty and filling.  They do not stress me out. I like them and they like that i buy them by packs. I think they would go well with plain vanilla ice cream.  I think they would go well with just... Continue Reading →

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