Disappointments in Leadership

People disappoint.  Fact.   People can redeem themselves from disappointment.  Greater fact.  And you can forgive them when they do.  And If you choose to.  Hands down leadership fact.  The company i work for has its own laundry list of disappointments.  My team has a ton of it.  Ours come in chains of laundromats.  We'd be... Continue Reading →

The War on Drugs & Amongst Ourselves

Everybody these days harbor an opinion about the Philippines’ current drug eradication program. Whether it is on social media or daily political conversations, Filipinos can’t help it. Sides are taken. Vociferous disagreements abound. Rarely though, do Filipinos engage in a healthy discussion. Fanatics on either side of the spectrum rabidly defend but seldom listen to... Continue Reading →

Decidedly Undecided

Marge and I are decidedly undecided. We are because we believe choosing a national leader requires a high level of scrutiny. A kind of scrutiny that involves investing time in understanding national issues, candidate platforms and their past achievements. It requires having to carefully examine competence, character, associations, flaws, quirks, styles. It involves a lot... Continue Reading →

Dear Dave

There are people who leave this world with the same kind of gentleness as they have entered it. Today, you are one of the rare few. I remember you sitting with us in Starbucks. You were perhaps wondering why we had such a non-traditional panel interview. Having Roni and Proctor there as your potential peers... Continue Reading →

Confinements, Self Imposed

People have penchants and cravings and silly habits and whatnot. Every now and then, i get bitten by a me-alone-time bug where i purposefully turn off office cellphones, turn off the lights in the apartment, call in food deliveries and simply stay inside the bedroom. The bug usually presents itself in two ways - either... Continue Reading →

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