The War on Drugs & Amongst Ourselves

Everybody these days harbor an opinion about the Philippines’ current drug eradication program. Whether it is on social media or daily political conversations, Filipinos can’t help it. Sides are taken. Vociferous disagreements abound. Rarely though, do Filipinos engage in a healthy discussion. Fanatics on either side of the spectrum rabidly defend but seldom listen to... Continue Reading →

Decidedly Undecided

Marge and I are decidedly undecided. We are because we believe choosing a national leader requires a high level of scrutiny. A kind of scrutiny that involves investing time in understanding national issues, candidate platforms and their past achievements. It requires having to carefully examine competence, character, associations, flaws, quirks, styles. It involves a lot... Continue Reading →

The Case of the World Bank Loan and Corona

There are many nuances in celebrating the "more fun in the Philippines" meme.  There is the obvious tourism-friendly advertising and there's the comedic but darker side to the reality of the Philippines, most especially in its societal and political landscape. Sometimes  i am saddened, if not at times disappointed, at the lack of initiative Filipinos... Continue Reading →

New Year, Same Old Hunger

Can you imagine that? It's 2012.  Two weeks and a day into this new year. Back when i was kid, the mere thought of the year 2000 was mysterious to me. Like it was hard to imagine reaching it. I couldn't even begin to imagine how the new millennium would be like. Well, scratch that... Continue Reading →

Paralyzed by Our Need To Know

Often i have wondered what motivates us human beings to strive to know even the most trivial things in life. Of course, speculation is a trigger that launches scientific experiments and discoveries. However, i am not talking about objective speculation in that sense. I am talking about the trivial speculation of wanting to know every... Continue Reading →

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