Paralyzed by Our Need To Know

Often i have wondered what motivates us human beings to strive to know even the most trivial things in life. Of course, speculation is a trigger that launches scientific experiments and discoveries. However, i am not talking about objective speculation in that sense. I am talking about the trivial speculation of wanting to know every... Continue Reading →

The Issue of Population

I have been out of the blogging scene for quite some time now. Life has a way of happening that we are made to prioritize certain things over others. The RH Bill updated from its HB 96 version to its 2011 consolidated version has a new title: The Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development... Continue Reading →

The Case of the Contagious Yawn

I yawn.  And you yawn.  You ask me why.  Isn't it funny?  Yawning is like an infection. For all ours smarts and scientists have yet to crack the mysteries of the contagious yawn,  there is a theory that postulates it might be part of the neural network involved in our ability to empathize.  There is... Continue Reading →

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